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A thousand and one flavours

Our food is never about the cooking of just a single dish, it is about delighting ourselves with no less than a thousand and one flavours. We like to take our time, time to share our table, and time, long and patient, time with which, only skilled hands can draw out the very best each ingredient has to offer, its flavours, its aromas, its infinite shades of red, ochre and green, the purity of white. This is East on your palate, more than ten thousand years of culinary tradition that you can now enjoy at Mish Mish.

Mish Mish concept

Discover a new concept to enjoy

Discover a new way to try a variety of Lebanese dishes in a single set menu.
Select your favourite Mezza combination (3 individual mezza dishes) together with a main dish of your choice and a small dessert. Flavours that will take you right into the heart of the Middle East.

Concept Menu: Available Monday to Friday Lunchtime only. Max 4 people. Not available during Easter Week from 25th to the 29th of March, June to 11th of September, bank holidays and bank holiday Eves or from 11th of December to 8th of January.

14,90 euros.


From 6,50 euros


From 5,90 euros


From 6,50 euros


From 11,90 euros

  • Fattah Hummus
    Chickpeas, croutons, garlic, yoghurt, Tahini and pine nuts.
  • Fattah meat
    Chickpeas, croutons, beef, garlic, yoghurt, Tahini and pine nuts.
  • Fattah Bazenjan
    Eggplant, croutons, garlic, yoghurt, Tahini and pine nuts.
  • Shawarma of chicken, beef or mixed
    With herb seasoned fries and salad.
  • Kofta Khishkhash
    Minced beef, tomatoes, onions and pine nuts.
  • Mudjadarah
    Burghul, lentils, onion with yoghurt.
  • Kuzzi
    Pastry filled with rice, peas, minced meat and pine nuts with a yoghurt salad.
  • Kubba Mish Mish
    Burghul patty stuffed with minced meat, walnuts and pinch of chilli with yoghurt salad.
  • Stuffed Vegetables
    Mixed vegetables stuffed with rice.

BBQ Grill

From 11,90 euros

  • ‘Picantón’ chicken
    Small spatchcock chicken with baked potato and salad.
  • Chicken Shish
    Marinated chicken skewers with herb seasoned fries and salad.
  • Lamb Shish
    Marinated lamb skewers with herb seasoned fries and salad.
  • Beef Shish
    Marinated beef skewers with herb seasoned fries and salad.
  • Kofta
    Minced beef skewers with herb seasoned fries and salad.
  • Lamb chops
    With baked potato and salad.
  • Assorted BBQ meats
    With baked potato and salad.
  • Vegetables skewers on the grill
    With baked potato.
  • Salmon
    With baked potato, salad and tartar sauce.
  • Prawns
    With baked potato and salad.


From 8,50 euros

  • Shawarma chicken
    Shawarma chicken with garlic sauce, tomato and pickles.
  • Shawarma beef
    Shawarma beef with Tahini sauce, tomato, parsley and pickles.
  • Kofta
    Barbecued minced beef with Hummus, onion and parsley.
  • Falafel
    Chickpea croquettes with Tahini sauce, tomato, parsley, mint and pickles.
  • Falafel Super
    Falafel with Tahini sauce, eggplant, potato, tomato, parsley and mint.
  • Vegetal - Veggie
    Eggplant, potato, cauliflower, tomato, parsley, garlic and lemon.
  • Halloumi
    Halloumi cheese, cucumber, black olives and Zaatar.


From 5,90 euros

  • Kunafa
  • Qataef
  • Cheese Halawa
  • Assorted Baklawa
  • Muhalabiah
  • Chocolate Brownie
  • Cheesecake
  • Baluza
  • Maamul
  • Layani Lubnan
  • Ice Cream


From 10.00 to 12.30 hs. All our breakfasts include Tea or Coffee.
From 3,00 euros

  • Lebanese
    Labnah, Halloumi cheese, Zaater with olives, tomato, cucumber and mint.
  • Syrian
    Fool, Hummus and egg with spring onion, tomato, pickles and mint.
  • Turkish
    Kushta with honey and egg, cheese with olives, tomato, cucumber and mint.
  • Shaam - 2 persons
    Hummus, cheese, Zaater, eggs, Kushta with honey or jam, tomatoes, olives, cucumber and mint.
  • Greek
    Toast with olive tapenade, Greek yoghurt with nuts, honey and fruit.
  • English
    Egg, sausage and grilled tomatoes with toast with butter.
  • American
    American pancakes, sausage and egg.
  • French
    Pain au Chocolat or grilled Croissant with cheese or with butter and jam.
  • Spanish
    Pastry or toasted white/multigrain bread with tomato and extra virgin olive oil.


From 6,50 euros

  • Durra
    Banana – Strawberry – Mango.
  • Marmar
    Kiwi – Strawberry – Mango.
  • Murshan
    Avocado – Strawberry – Mango.
  • Fairooz
    Avocado – Honey – Pistachio.
  • Zahab
    Strawberry – Banana.
  • Topaz
    Pineapple – Coconut.
  • Sadaf
    Pineapple – Mango.
  • Taber
    Lemon – Kiwi – Mint.
  • Rimas
    Strawberry – Mint.
  • Lamar
    Lemon – Mint.
  • Burtukal
  • Yaqut
    Strawberry – Red berries.


From 5,90 euros

  • Zumurud
    Strawberry – Banana.
  • Jawaher
    Strawberry – Banana – Coconut.
  • Berlent
    Banana – Almond – Honey.
  • Almas
  • Ambar


Mish Mish Tetería

Enjoy with all your senses.

Come and try our extensive variety of Teas, Coffees and Iced Drinks. Enjoy one of our many gourmet desserts. From delicious selective ice creams to delectable Arabic pastries. Relax and enjoy a shisha with friends right at the heart of Alicante’s city centre.

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